Construction Machinery

Diesel Welding machine

Model SAK300SW3 SAK400SW3 SAK500SW3
Engine Brand Kubota Kubota Kubota
Engine Model D1703-E2BG-CHN-1 V2003-T-E2BG-CHN-1 V3300-E2BG2-CHN-1
Cylinder No.& Structure 3 cylinder, in line 4 cylinder, in line 4 cylinder, in line
Aspiration Natural Turbo Natural
Cooling type Water cooled Water cooled Water cooled
Bore x Stroke (mm) 87X92.4mm 83×92.4mm 98x110mm
Compression ratio 23.0:1 23.0:1 22.6:1
Displacement (L) 1.647L 1.999L 3.318L
Rated Power (KW) 12.8KW 20.4kw 26.3kw
Max Power(KW) 15.1KW 22.5kw 28.9kw
Battery 60A/hr 60A/hr 80A/hr
Lube Oil Capacity (l) 7.6L 7.6L 13.2L
Fuel 0#(summer),-10#(winter),-35#(chill) diesel 0#(summer),-10#(winter),-35#(chill) diesel 0#(summer),-10#(winter),-35#(chill) diesel
Alternator Brand LINZ(MADE IN ITALY)
Type 3 phase brushless 3 phase brushless 3 phase brushless
Rated Voltage 230/400V 230V/400V 230V/400V
Rated Speed 1500 RPM 1500 RPM 1500 RPM
Pole No. 4 4 4
Power factor 0.8 0.8 0.8
Phase no. 3 phase 4 wire 3 phase 4 wire 3 phase 4 wire
No-load Voltage 80V 72V 72V
Regulation range 35-300A 35-400A 50-500A
Max Current at 35% 300A 400A 500A
Max Current at 60% 230A 310A 390A
Welding voltage 21-32Vdc 20-36Vdc 20-40Vdc
Welding material Rutile, basic, cellulosic, inox Rutile, basic, cellulosic, inox Rutile, basic, cellulosic, inox
Electrode Diameter 1-5mm 1-6mm 1-8mm
Frequency 50HZ 50HZ 50HZ
Rated Power (KVA) 8KVA 13KVA 16KVA
Max Power(KVA) 8.8KVA 14.3KVA 17.6KVA
Rated Voltage 230V/400V 230V/400V 230V/400V
Rated current 11.5A 18.7A 23A

Multi-process capability for construction, pipe lines and rental fleet application

Super-above SW series diesel welding machine is one of the most compact and powerful engine-driven welders / generators in the construction, pipe or rental fleet market today. It is also the most quiet, with a smooth running Kubota water-cooled diesel engines.

Super-above diesel welding machine offers superior downhill stick arc characteristic to meet high-strength steel requirements for the most demanding pipeline jobs.

1.Water-cooled Kubota diesel engine rus smooth and quiet. Engine gauges allow you to monitor performance at a glance

2.Standard stainless steel roof, side panels and engine-access door deliver added protection and durability.

3.Voltage reduction device reduced open circuit voltage for added safety.

4.Built to last in harsh industrial environments

5.Processes optimized for pipeline welding

6.Exclusive stick arc control technology for fine-tune adjustments

7.Perfect for mobile welding rigs

8.Operator can precisely set arc amperage or voltage at the weld joint and monitor the actual arc voltage and current delivered to the weld using the digital meters on the accessory.

9.Save time by no longer needing to troubleshoot welding system problems that result from damaged control cords.